School Staff

Interim Principal / Admissions Counselor

Kathy Tucker

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7th/8th Grade Teacher

Sallie Miller

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6th Grade Teacher

Shaina Shutt

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5th Grade Teacher

Erin Jorgensen

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4th Grade Teacher

Debbie Grecu

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3rd Grade Teacher

Sarah Graves

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2nd Grade Teacher

Stephanie Gross

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1st Grade Teacher

Angie Plutat

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1st Grade Teacher

Kaitlyn Alexander

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Brooke Castleberry\

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Jessie Bell

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Pre K Teacher

Kara Shearer

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Pre K Teacher

Mindy Marburger

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Preschool Teacher

Elizabeth Wence

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Tech Coordinator/Comp Instructor

Anna Gaunt   

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PE Instructor

Jennifer Adams

Business Manager

Amanda Mayfield


Michelle Werich

Cafeteria Manager

Carrie Cardwell